Tax Revolt in Maryland

"Maryland citizens have been oppressed for too long," said Gov. Chris Christie as he concluded his remarks at a Glen Burnie fundraiser. "Larry Hogan will lead Marylanders out of this oppression to the freedom of lower taxes."
Christie made his third trip to Maryland to highlight the support of the Republican Governor's Association of the Hogan campaign and their "Get-Out-the Vote" program.
"This is a neck-and-neck race," Christie said. "And this is one that we can and should win on Nov. 4. That is why I am here and that's why the RGA is investing here."

The Carroll County 80/80 Plan

Larry Hogan has formed a bipartisan political coalition that is poised to pull off the biggest upset in the Nation on Election Day.
Carroll County must do its part to make this happen - thus the Carroll County 80/80 Plan:
80% GOP Voter Turnout
80% Vote for Hogan-Rutherford

Senate Attempts to Make the “Rain Tax” Evaporate

Last month on the final day of the 2013 session, I had prepared an amendment to offer on the Senate floor to exempt Carroll County from the “rain tax.”

Due to take effect July 1, the “rain tax” is a stormwater management fee that passed the General Assembly as state legislation in 2012. The genesis of the “rain tax” was an initiative pushed by environmentalists and Gov. Martin O’Malley to create a new source of funding for counties that have a large backlog of capital projects to control stormwater run-off.

Anthony Brown's Dilemma

The chatter began in mid-August. Political insiders discussing whether it could be true?
State-wide polls were suggesting that the Governor's race was tightening between front-runner Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown and Republican challenger Larry Hogan.
Rumors were that an independent poll taken in late summer had Hogan closing the gap within six points.

Can Maryland Restore Its Business Climate

When I served as policy director for Gov. Bob Ehrlich, we placed a strong emphasis each year on improving Maryland's business climate. The Ehrlich Administration wanted to make sure that companies throughout the United States knew that Maryland was "Open for Business."
One of the keys to improving the business climate is tax policy. Gov. Ehrlich drew a line in the sand against increasing Maryland's personal income tax even though raising this tax was a high priority for the Democrat leadership in the legislature from 2003-06. Gov. Ehrlich's economic development policy also included measures to reduce regulations and improve competitiveness.

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